In-Home Family Photo Sessions. Should You?

June 1, 2020

There are a number of reasons families may shy away from inviting a photographer into their home for a photo session. Many of us (raising my hand here!) struggle with the notion that everything has to be in order before we can invite anyone over. Is the house clean enough? Will I be judged if it’s not? Do I want the photographer to see the mess in my neighbor’s yard? The list goes on…

BUT! I’m here to tell you that none of that matters. If you’ve been considering the idea of in-home photo sessions I want you to know it’s one of the best choices that you can make.

Raleigh Newborn Family Photography Indoor Session - Derek VanHorn Photography

Reasons To Consider In-Home Photo Sessions

  • It’s YOUR space: where memories are made. Where meals are prepped. Where stories are read. Why not capture some of those moments?
  • Climate-control. Yes, booking an in-home session takes away the anxiety about extreme summer heat or having to reschedule if it rains.
  • Privacy. Plain and simple, some couples find it easier to be themselves when they don’t have an audience watching at a park or other outdoor location.
  • Cleanliness. COVID-19 has influenced our lives in many ways, including how comfortable some people are in public spaces that may not have routine cleanings.
  • And finally, convenience.  Want a snack? Done. Baby spits up? New outfit on standby. Need 5 extra minutes to get ready, iron a shirt, or touch-up makeup? No problem!

In-Home Photo Session With Dog

Plus, there’s no rule that says if you have an in-home photo session you can’t step outside and get some beautiful natural-light photos as well. Nearly all of my clients who start indoors will transition outside for at least a few photos as well.

Outdoor family photo session with newborn

So with that all said, if you’re considering an in-home photo session or just have more questions about planning a photo session in general, reach out to me and I’ll be happy to assist!