Real Talk: Personal Health and COVID-19

June 15, 2020

We’re all looking for ways to keep ourselves and our loved ones sane during this unusual time of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many of us don’t need any extra reminders, I have often found in life that simply talking about things can be a way of relieving stress. In this post I want to share some of the things my family are doing to try to keep life as “normal” as possible, provide some resources for those who may need them, and also invite you to come play Pokemon™ GO with us. Yes, I’m serious. When you have a five year old, there’s no escaping Pokemon.

Jockey's Ridge State Park Sand Dunes Family Photo

I took these photos a couple of years ago when my family went to Nag’s Head and Jockey’s Ridge State Park. We had a wonderful day walking around the Wright Brother’s Memorial and climbing sand dunes and eating ice cream. Little did I know at the time that it would be my last beach trip for over two years. For various reasons we didn’t make any trips last year and then this year is basically on lockdown due to the virus and being extra careful about going places with our little guy.

In speaking with friends and even my parents, I can hear it in everyone’s voices how being inside or essentially “stuck at home” is a draining experience. Lots of people are still going out and about and honestly the beaches are full, but North Carolina is also seeing (at the time of writing) one of the largest spikes in Coronavirus cases nationally. So, what do we do?

Jockey's Ridge State Park Sand Dunes Sunset

Ways To Stay Occupied During A Pandemic

  1. Call your friends. I know, seems obvious, right? But for real – pick up the phone and call a few people you haven’t chatted with in a while and catch up. It’ll clear your mind and brighten their day too.
  2. YouTube the heck out of anything you’re interested in. Wanting to learn a new hobby? Considering some home improvement? Just need to laugh? Now is a great time to focus on something fresh.
  3. If you have younger kids like we do, hit Amazon and stock up on puzzles, coloring books, construction paper, plenty of glue, coloring pencils, LEGO® kits and definitely a Snap Circuits kit (or two!) You’ll be AMAZED at how they’ll put all this stuff together into one giant science experiment.
  4. Cook. I mean really cook. No fancy magazine subscription needed either. Get online and search your favorite recipes and start blowing yourself and your family away with what you can make at home.
  5. And last – yes, get out to walk and play Pokemon Go. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Jockey's Ridge State Park Sand Dunes Hill

Most importantly – remember that you are never on an island alone. I’ve had several single friends mention to me that because they live alone and do not have a spouse or kids around that it’s really tough. Below are a few resources from around the web and also one more plug to be my friend on Pokemon Go – just scan my trainer QR Code and you’ll be on the way! Stay safe and healthy my friends…